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How To Use The Analysis Tool To Improve AI Generated Article?

When generating an article with Wordze, under the Analysis tab, you will be provided with an analysis of the AI generated article in comparison to the competitors' articles that you selected at the start of the process. This will give you the article's content grade, readability score as well as recommendations on what can be done to the improve the content grade of the article.

Under the Content Structure table, you will find the suggested recommendations.

For example, in the image below, the following recommendations are made to improve the article's content grade:

Number of words: 1,200 to 1,700
Number of headings: 7 to 10
Number of paragraphs: 32 to 43
Number of bold words: 11 to 16
Number of images: 5 to 6
Number of links: 13 to 18

Under the Terms tab, you will also find a list of terms that are often included by competitors in their articles and the frequency that they appear in the generated article in comparison to competitors. You can then use this information to adjust the article accordingly to improve your content grade.

Depending on the competitors' articles that you selected prior, there may be instances where terms included in the analysis may not necessarily be related to the article topic but may be related more to that particular competitor's brand or business. Note that you can remove a term from analysis by clicking on the term and then select "Exclude Term".

Confirm that the term is to be excluded and the selected term will then be removed.

If you want to add an excluded term back into the Analysis, simply click on "Show Excluded Terms" at the bottom of the table and you will be shown a list of excluded terms.

Click on the "x" icon to remove the term from the excluded list and the term will be added back into the analysis.

Following the recommendations, for example, adding or decreasing words, images, links and so on, will result in improving the article's content grade.

Updated on: 24/06/2024

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