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How To Create A WordPress Application Password?

An Application Password is a securely generated key that allows you to connect a 3rd party service like Wordze with a WordPress site.

To create a WordPress Application Password, log into the WordPress site with the admin login details. Once logged in, go to the Users section and click on Profile. Then, scroll down to the Application Passwords section, enter a descriptive name for your Application Password in the New Application Password Name field, like "Wordze" for example, and click the Add New Application Password button. Copy the Application Password and store it in a safe place. You may now use the Application Password to authenticate Wordze with the WordPress site.

IMPORTANT: Once you exit the Profile page in WordPress, you will not be able to access the Application Password again, so be sure to save the password somewhere safe.

You can refer to this video for more information on how to create a WordPress Application Password.

Updated on: 22/03/2024

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