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How To Find Keyword Ideas?

In the Keyword Research section, you will be able to search for keyword ideas under the Search By Keyword tab. Click on the New button at the top right of the page to start a new search.

Identify your seed keyword (usually short-tail keywords that broadly describe your topic), e.g. dog training. Select your Project and Country ( this is where you want your article to rank geographically), and click Search.

You will then get a list of relevant keywords as well as their average monthly search volume, cost per click, pay-per-click competition score and mini volume trend graph.

Under the column KD, you can click on the search icon, to find out the keyword difficulty score. This score indicates how easy or hard it would be to rank for this keyword. This score is determined by an analysis of relevant data obtained by our tool and then calculated to provide the Keyword Difficulty Score. The higher this score is, the more difficult it will be to rank for.

Select the keyword by ticking the box on the left of the keyword and you will have the option to add the keyword to a Keyword List or to remove the keyword from the results.

Click on the three dot icon at the right of each keyword and you will have the option to drill down further into that selected keyword, View Long Tail Keywords, Get Topic Ideas or Create Content.

You can also search for questions or long-tail keywords for your seed keyword by clicking on Questions or Long-tail at the top right hand corner of the results.

Note that each search and further actions such as getting questions or long-tail keywords will cost a certain amount of credits depending on the number of returned words for your results.

Updated on: 22/03/2024

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